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Immaculate Deception directed by Emily Lucienne, Sarah Syed, Ocean Harris

Emily Lucienne is a filmmaker and French voice over artist from South London.

Her short IMMACULATE DECEPTION produced by Jen Gelin and Object & Animal, Cinematography by Beatriz Sastre, explores the injustice of the body clock. 

As a writer she is particularly interested in shining a light on the dark humour of awkward topics usually avoided. She looks to create globally relevant stories with diverse storytellers revealing the vulnerability of the human condition. Her background in producing and acting has crafted her unique voice as an observant character driven director, with a strong respect for the whole team.

WHEN WE GATHER made during lockdown with Joe Cook premiered at Underwire and was nominated for best documentary short at Bucharest. The film explores absence and how much the pandemic highlighted our need for community.

She helped initiate the inaugural year of 'Attagirl' an international feature lab, championing female driven projects in association with TIFF, Rotterdam and Sydney Film Festivals, funded by the BFI, Svensk Institute and The Australian Film Commission.

She is committed to elevating the work of others and also works as a trilingual (English, French and Spanish) production chameleon.

Emily is currently developing her dark comedy feature film RAGE AGAINST TIME, which has been selected in development with Torino Film LabsUnravelling a woman’s sanity as she struggles between enjoying the life she has and wanting a baby. 

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